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«Quick Lock ™» heated sample filter system

Sampling system with heated line, integrated particles filter and backflushed - all self-regulated in temperature.

Innovative «Quick Lock ™» heated sample filter system allows for filter changes “on the fly” with no need to cool the sample system.The primary particulate filtering system consists of two filters in parallel; the first is an in-line filter integrated into the sample probe assembly on the engine, the second is an in-line “standby” filter which is also maintained at temperature. The ‘'Quick Lock” feature means the operator can remove the primary filter (for cleaning) while sampling and the second filter (ready to using) will continue to remove particulates until the new filter is embedded into place.



- Sampling system with self-regulated heated line (191°C) and  2 microns heated filter integrated
- Additional heated filter in standby, for instant replacement through ''Quick Lock'' connection system (optional)
- Calibration and zero gases can be injected to the heated probe for system integrity check, leak test, system calibration
- Automatic and programmable backflushing (air or N2) for filter cleaning