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Turnkey monitoring system EGAS-FT

A turnkey system designed for the analysis of raw or dilute gases, subject or not to standards, such as CO, CO2, HC, NO, NO2, N2O, NH3, H2O, acetaldehydes, formaldehydes, alcohols etc. for engine, fuel and catalyzer development.



  • Raw or dilute engine exhaust gas monitoring
  • Development of new engines, fuels and biofuels
  • Greenhouse gas emissions measurement
  • Fields: Aerospace, Automotive, Shipbuilding, Research and Technology, Defense



  • Sampling system (filter and line) heated and thermoregulated (191°C)
  • Sampling achieved by the heated pump, the heated gas is then flushed back into the FTIR cell in ''over flow'' thus allowing a constant and continuous pressure and flow in the cell.
  • Sampling probe with heated filter (2 μm) integrated to the sampling line or to the ‘‘Quick
  • Lock'' connect system
  • Unique span gas (or gases of your choice) injection process at the sampling point for calibration check through the sampling system and the analyzer, leak or retention test within the monitoring system
  • Sampling system (filters and pump) integrated in the lower part of the 1-channel-system of the rack cabinet
  • Option: external sampling module Mica 2M allowing to switch up to 4 measurement channels

Analysis cabinet:

  • Fast response time (less than 5 seconds) thanks to a low volume (0.2l) FTIR cell , a short
  • heated line and a high flow to the cell and bypass
  • Complete, compact (27 U-19'') turnkey system
  • Ultrafast implementation, easily shiftable between test benches (mounted on castor wheels)
  • Communication by AK protocol via RS232 / RJ45
  • Heated and thermoregulated (191°C) FTIR measurement cell and sampling system, to
  • avoid condensation or adsorption risk
  • Multiple span gases connection possible
  • Suitable for measurement of wet samples
  • Rugged and insensitive to vibrations
  • Excellent calibration stability
  • Automatic correction of spectral interferences
  • Compliant to CFR 40 Part 1065

Operating system:

  • Rackable industrial computer 1 U with integrated screen and keyboard or external PC
  • WinSCAN™ specific software (Windows PC) allowing data acquisition, emulation and control
  • of the monitoring system


Compliant to CFR 40 Part 1065