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Sample Handling System: used for pumping and conditioning the exhaust gas from the engine to the testing cabinet and analysers.

  • Separate Sampling Trolley with Built-in Pumps and a set of additional particle filters (a first filter being integrated into the sampling system), heated at 191 °C 
  • Up to 4 switchable and heated sampling channels (multiplexed) for installing up to 4 testing cells or sampling points
  • Conceived to be installed in to the test cell, near the sampling point for avoiding any nuisance to users and analyzers (heat, noise, vibration)
  • Alarm control for pressure, flow rate and temperature
  • Compact and easily movable (on castor wheels) 
  • Ease of access and maintenance




  • Production line testing
  • Certification
  • Engine manufacturers
  • Independent labs
  • Raw exhaust and EGR
  • Pre and post catalyst
  • Diluted exhaust sampling


  • Designed to measure emissions from all combustion engines regardless of fuel type
  • Separate mobile sampling trolley with built-in sample pump
  • Positive pressure sample; no dilution from system leaks
  • Heated inlet filter on primary sample line
  • Continuous condensate removal without peristaltic pump
  • Open architecture for integration of various analyzer types
  • Raw or dilute analysis
  • Internal or external operating PC







  • Measurement of THC, NO, NO2, NOx, CO, CO2, O2 and NH3
  • Hang-up checker - used to check for hydrocarbon hang-up in the sample lines
  • Heated sample line; 10 meters + 3 meters
  • Heated sample line selector
  • Heated sample pump
  • Back-flushing filter function
  • Heated stainless steel filter
  • Remote display & control



All our EGAS range of products is fully compliant to the worldwide vehicle Emission Standards, including the implementation of the Rule CFR 40 -1065, Diesel 2007/2010 Euro V & Euro VI, the EEM (Engine Emission Monitoring)