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Environmental Policy


Norditech Pty Ltd provides a range of environmental monitoring services including sales of environmental monitoring equipment, installation, support, maintenance and data monitoring At all levels of our operation, Norditech Pty Ltd plan and conduct our activities with a view to protecting and conserving the natural environment.  We do this by complying with legal and other requirements, and the Environmental Management System, meeting community expectations.


Norditech Pty Ltd is committed to providing for its employees and the wider community, a level of environmental awareness, management and control that is in line with the community expectations and standards.


Norditech Pty Ltd commits to establishing and reviewing measureable objectives and targets in accordance with the annual Environmental Management Plan and the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems.


Norditech Pty Ltd commits to continual improvement and the prevention of pollution and to comply with applicable legal requirements and all other relevant obligations. 


This policy is communicated to all staff through uploading a copy of the policy to the company intranet with other relevant Management System manuals. 


The policy is also made available to all persons working for or on behalf of Norditech Pty Ltd and the public via the company website.