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Air treatment system for Environnement S.A analyzers

MDS is an additional drying module of instrument-quality air installation.It enables to lower the dew point and to improve the primary air filtration in order to secure and provide a sufficient metrological quality for the analyzers supplied with this air.



Instrument air supply for SEC probe, MIR 9000, MIR 9000 CLD and MIR FT


Three standard versions of MDS are available:

  • MDS: for SEC probe - MIR 9000, standard version, single dryer.This version, equipped with a single dryer, can be connected to a maximum of two SEC probe.
  • MDS G: for SEC probe - MIR 9000, standard version, double dryer.This double dryer version, is used when the air quantity to be dried is more important, for installations including more than two SEC probe.
  • MDS FT: for MIR FT





Required inlet air quality:

  • Inlet air pressure: between 4 and 10 bars (recommanded 6 bars)
  • Inlet flow rate = Outlet flow rate + 50 l/min (for an nominal inlet pressure of 6 bars)
  • Oil concentration < 1 mg/m3
  • Dust concentration <1mg/m3
  • Granulometry < 1µm
  • Dew point: less than -20 °C

MDS outlet air quality:

  • Air pressure: minimum 4 bars
  • Max flow rate:
- MDS: 80 l/min (for 1 to 2 SEC probes / MIR 9000)
- MDS G: 160 l/min (for 3 to 4 SEC probes / MIR 9000)
- MDS-FT: 80l/min (for MIR FT)
  • Filtration: < 0.01 µm
  • Dew point: less than - 40 °C