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MS1 Probe

Dilution-based Stack gas sampling system

Gas Sampling system for use in combination with low concentration analyzers (Ambient Air type)



  • Refineries and petrochemical industries, use in hazardous areas
  • Power plants
  • ...


  • Very low sampling rate, avoiding clogging issues, and immediate dilution at the sampling point
  • Transfert of the sample gas (up to 150m) by an unheated line, with no risk of condensation
  • Minimum maintenance of the probe (several months of unattended operation)
  • Calibration control of the monitoring system by direct injection of span gas directly at the top of the probe
  • No electricity or moving part in the probe and sample line
  • Low installation cost
  • Remote maintenance possibility via serial output
  • Multiprobes: from 1 to 4 probes connected to a single set of analyzers




  • Maximum sample gas temperature:
- standard probe: + 400°C
- quartz probe: + 600°C
  • Dilution rate: 12/1 to 350/1 according to the type of critical orifice selected (sampling from 20ml/mn to 500 ml/mn)
  • Accuracy of dilution rate: ± 2 %
  • Compressed air: 400 Nl/h, 5 to 7 bars
  • Probe dimensions: 27 mm external diameter, 60 cm standard length (body made of special alloy)
  • Umbilical cord length: 5 to 150 m
  • MS1 housing : 19'' rack / 4U