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Automatic Sequential Particulate Sampler (TSP / PM10 / PM2.5 / PM1)

Complies with  EN 12341 standard
Large autonomy



  • Sampling through PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and TSP size selective inlets
  • Sampling of particulate matter for heavy metals analysis
  • Indoor air sampling
  • Field survey before setting up of a continuous analyzer
  • Follow-up of a specific pollutant


  • Designed to automatically sample particulate on a filter using a TSP, PM2.5 or PM1 inlet
  • 5U rack for installation in a rack cabinet or other type of cabinet
  • Large filter holder capacity allowing up to 3 weeks of unattended sampling of particulate matter
  • Compliant with the last EU CEN recommendations for PM2.5 sampling and measurement
  • True volumetric air flow control with atmospheric temperature and pressure sensors to avoid artifacts in the size fractionating inlet
  • Exclusive temperature-regulated sampling tube to avoid artefacts on the filter (evaporative losses of semi-volatile particulale matter...)
  • Interactive user-friendly multi-task software
  • 2 serial ports for remote access and downloading of stored data


  • Filter holder capacity: 22 filter cassettes
  • Filter diameter: 47mm
  • Filtering diameter: 40 mm (EN12341 compliant)
  • Flow rate: 2.3m3/h or 1m3/h (user selectable)
  • Filter temperature measurement