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Roads and Tunnels

A properly installed and maintained tunnel monitoring system is critical for the health and safety of tunnel users, operators and neighbouring population.  Vehicle emissions contain noxious gases and create smog that affects visibility.  And water drainage can discharge pollutants into nearby streams and rivers, adversely impacting our ecosystem.

For these reasons, road and tunnel projects are subject to strict standards and planning approval conditions. Ensuring regulatory compliance requires expert knowledge of advanced testing equipment and approved air and water quality testing procedures. 

Norditech currently operates and maintains key road and tunnel monitoring projects across Australia.  We know that expert installation and maintenance of monitoring systems is vital to alert tunnel operators to take action in the event of an exceedance and trigger emergency automated  mechanisms such as jet fans, tunnel lighting, dosing pumps, and variable message signs (VMS).

As a system integrator, we can design, install, and maintain all leading brands of tunnel sensors.

Our Approach

We offer our clients turn-key solutions as well as maintenance services covering all regulatory air and water monitoring requirements.  Depending on your project scope, our solutions may range from site assessment, project management, design and installation, to data acquisition, validation, and reporting.

Our environmental monitoring expertise includes continuous emission monitoring systems of ventilation stack, portal emissions, community-based ambient air quality monitoring stations, and water quality monitoring for tunnel water treatment plants.

We help our clients achieve long-term data compliance by installing robust equipment that operates reliably in demanding environmental conditions.  We fully custom-design our equipment cabinets, and our system integration team takes into account harsh tunnel conditions and limited access to perform maintenance.

Monitoring Methods and Equipment

Our hands-on field experience with road and tunnel monitoring methods and technologies includes:

  • In-tunnel sensors - open path sensors, point source gas analysers, and ultrasonic velocity sensors
  • Ambient air quality monitoring systems - open path sensors, point source gas analysers, particulate/dust analysers, and meteorological parameters
  • Tunnel water treatment plants – various water quality monitoring sensors and water samplers

Our field engineers are trained to maintain environmental monitoring systems to the highest standards.  We ensure compliance with all applicable standards and regulatory requirements: NATA, Australian Standards, and USEPA.

Monitored Parameters

We are experienced in monitoring a broad range of water and air sampling parameters for our clients.  Depending on the nature of your road and tunnel project, they may include: 

  • NOX
  • CO
  • NO
  • NO2
  • VOC
  • Particulates
  • Visibility
  • Temperature
  • Air speed/flow
  • pH

At Norditech, our priority is to deliver the highest possible standards of road and tunnel monitoring services for your long-term project success. 

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