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Spectra-1 Multi Channel Gas Monitor

Spectra-1 Multi Channel gas monitor features the same gas analysis software as used by the open path Spectra-1 monitor. Tuneable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) based gas sensing. Remote laser transceivers with stainless steel enclosures are used for the individual open path monitors. A 19′ rack mounted central control unit is used with fiber optic and data cable interconnects to remote transceivers.



  • Industrial Process Monitoring
  • Agricultural Confined Feeding
  • Classified (zone) Area Monitoring
  • Duct Monitoring
  • Stack Monitoring


  • 4 channel – open path gas monitoring
  • gas specific – no false alarms
  • fast response – no memory effects or lag time
  • no water interference
  • reliable unattended performance
  • broad dynamic range
  • direct measurement of gas species – not indirectly inferred
  • no consumables or moving parts
  • software upgrades for performance enhancements
  • low cost per path
  • keypad For System Configuration
  • distance to retro-reflector
  • gas concentration – ppm or ppm-m
  • averaging time 1 to 600 seconds
  • maximum signal level set (i.e. 90%)
  • minimum signal level set (i.e. 5%)
  • RS232 com port setting (baud rate)
  • logging options
  • calibration settings (Factory set)


Detectable gases include:
HF, HCN, O2, C2H2, C2H4, C2H6, H2O, CH4, NH3, CO, CO2, and H2S.