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Gas Analysers

AC32M. Nitrogen oxides analyzer (NO, NOx, NO2) Chemiluminescence Single Chamber Nitrogen Oxides (NO, NOX, NO2) Analyzer "EN" Series. TÜV & US EPA approved Air
AC32M-CNH3. Ammonia and nitrogen oxides analyzer Chemiluminescence w. converter Nitrogen Oxides (NO, NOX, NO2) and/or Ammonia (NH3) Analyzer Air
AF22M. Sulfur dioxide analyzer UV Fluorescence Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) analyzer "EN" Series. TÜV & US EPA approved Air
AF22M-TRS. Total reduced sulfur (TRS) compounds and SO2 analyzer SO2 and TRS (Total Reduced Sulfur) analyzer Air
CO12M. Carbon monoxide analyzer Infra Red GFC Carbone Monoxide (CO) Analyzer "EN" Series. TÜV & US EPA approved Air
HC51M. Hydrocarbon analyzer FID Hydrocarbon (CH4, HCnm, HCT) Analyzer Air
O342M. Ozone analyzer UV absorption Ozone (O3) Analyzer "EN" Series. TÜV & US EPA approved Air
VOC71M. BTEX analyzer FID or PID Gas Chromatograph BTEX (VOC) Analyzer Air
MMS - Micro monitoring station Multi-parameter micro monitoring station. Fixed or portable version Air
AS32M- analyzer for quick and direct (without conversion) NO2 measurement Designed to alleviate potential disadvantages of the chemiluminiscence method and to provide the most accurate value for NO2 concentration measurements. Air