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Water Quality Monitoring

A robust water quality monitoring program is vital to maintaining a healthy ecosystem and ensuring a sustainable water supply for future generations. It is also critical to ensuring that private and municipal facilities stay in compliance with point source licence conditions.

Regulators keep a careful watch over the pollutant loads entering our rivers and streams, as they directly affect the overall health of our waterways and their suitability for drinking water, agricultural, recreational, and industrial use.

Norditech currently operates and maintains water quality monitoring sites for government and private sector clients across Australia. We provide complete, real-time monitoring solutions for sewage water treatment plants, councils, process industries, mining, and others.

Our Approach

At the start of every project, our primary objective is to understand our client’s needs.  We then recommend feasible, smart solutions that balance your compliance goals and project budget.  Depending on your project scope, those solutions may range from site assessment, project management, design and installation, to data acquisition, validation and reporting.

Our expertise in the water quality monitoring sector enables us to design highly reliable and robust systems that can operate in the harshest environments to provide real-time data and alarms.

Monitoring Equipment and Methods

Our hands-on field experience with applicable water quality monitoring methods and technologies includes:

  • Water quality sensors
  • Flow meters
  • Rain gauges

Based on user-selected events, the sensors can be configured to initiate water samplers, pumps, and dosing systems as well as sending email and sms alerts.

Our field engineers are trained to maintain environmental monitoring systems to the highest standards.  We ensure compliance with all applicable standards and regulatory requirements: NATA, Australian Standards, and USEPA.

Parameters Monitored

We are experienced in monitoring a broad range of water quality parameters for our clients.  Depending on the nature of your project, they may include:

  • pH
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Turbidity
  • Temperature
  • Conductivity
  • Salinity
  • Water level
  • Rainfall

At Norditech, our priority is to deliver the highest possible standards of water quality monitoring services for your long-term project success. 

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