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A powerful software dedicated to emissions monitoring systems


WEX is a powerful software dedicated to emissions monitoring systems:

  • Acquisition data from all type of monitoring instruments;
  • Interactive configuration of measuring devices (acquisition systems, analysers, communication systems);
  • Traceability of all events and technical information;
  • Data control and Quality Assurance (QAL 2 and 3 according to EN 14181)
  • Events warnings (failures, alarms, pollution episodes, etc.);
  • Data processing with dedicated tools for data storage, reports, and broadcasting;
  • Direct connection with additional modules:

- CMMS for maintenance management

- Control charts

- Modelling and simulation of emission impact

- Web access for data access and display




  • Waste incineration
  • Combustion plants
  • Cement plants
  • Paper Mills
  • Petrochemical industries & refineries
  • Glass works
  • ...


  • Interactive configuration for system setting (analysers, measures, users profiles, sampling lines, ...)
  • Communication management between system and sensors, external systems, DCS0
  • Raw data acquisition (programming frequency), first level and short term averages
  • Redundancy management to supply sampling or analysers failures, multiplexed analyser
  • Data standardization and storage of all intermediate values, QAL2 and QAL corrections
  • Logging all events, calibration results, configuration changes, alarms, failures, over-thresholds, ...
  • Automatic warning by email, fax, SMS, voice, etc





Technical description

  • Architecture Multi-users & client-server
  • A number of workstations Unlimited under licences
  • WEX_CORE_First 16 measured parameters
  • WEX_CORE_50P:200P:500P 50, 200, 500 parameters
  • Inputs/outputs Serial, analogical, digital and relay
  • Communication TCP/IP, OPC, Applicom, Modbus

Necessary configuration

  • Data Acquisition & Handling System Linux , Windows XP&7
  • Workstations Windows XP & 7

Add-on modules

  • WEX_Web Data access via internet and broadcasting
  • WEX_Impact Atmospheric dispersion engines for emissions
  • WEX_CMMS Computerized Maintenance Management System
  • WEX_QAL3 Statistical Process Control – multiple control charts





Compliant with:

EN14181, QAL2 & QAL3

TC264 WG9

ISO7168, ISO8258